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Sometimes, we all need that extra push to achieve certain short-term goals, or perhaps we need to focus on a specific skill that we feel is holding back our progress. Maybe you want to perfect your muscle-up or need an extra boost in strength. Whatever it may be, we have what you need. The goal is to turn those weaknesses into your strongest weapons to crush your WODs.PhD Mike and Coach alex introduce to you their combined work so you can be a Flaw-less athlete

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3. 12 - dbx

Who is TC Skills for?

TC Skills is designed for athletes looking to complement their training and work on their weaknesses to achieve balance in all disciplines.

What are the differences between the blocks?

We have five distinct training blocks designed based on the specific weaknesses you need to address. We offer blocks with three weekly sessions and blocks with two sessions because each requires a different approach and intensity.

Can I switch from one skill to another?

When you and your coach feel that you no longer need reinforcement in a particular area, you can switch to another block that you feel requires attention. You can also return to regular programming when you believe your weaknesses are under control.

Is there a required skill level?

We assume you have been doing Cross-training for a few months and are familiar with the environment. Beyond that, you should have the desire and willingness to improve.

What equipment do I need?

It depends on the specific block you choose, but most equipment is readily available in Cross-training boxes.

Will I receive feedback from a coach?

You will have a coach who will provide personalized guidance, correct your videos, and help you progress in any of your weaknesses.

How much time do I need?

Most packs consist of a continuous program with two weekly sessions, lasting between 20 to 50 minutes per session, depending on the pack.

Can I do all the skills at once?

While it’s possible, we don’t recommend it. The idea is to complement your existing training, which is already designed for a comprehensive program. If you feel the need for an extra challenge, it’s best to start with one of our blocks and solidify your progress before moving on to the next. Remember, quality over quantity.

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