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Visualize, project, and act.

Train your emotions.

Face challenges with determination.



There is no coming to consciousness without pain

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The psychological factor in sports is essential, and at Training Culture, we understand its value and how it can impact the development of our athletes. Proper mental preparation can help unlock your hidden potential and enable you to face any challenge with confidence and determination.

We all know that working hard in training or fueling up with the best nutrition is not always enough. Sometimes there’s that “something extra” we don’t know how to handle, and that’s where psychological needs come into play. These challenges can arise from various sources, such as competitive pressure, self-confidence, concentration, stress management, or even the fear of failure. Sometimes, these mental barriers can hinder athletes from reaching their full potential, even when they have the physical capacity to do so.

We are here to help you confront those situations.

  • Let’s get to know each other, analyze your challenges, address your questions about the sessions, and set new goals to work on. We’ll face the situation head-on, understand it, and start from there. We’ll map out your strategy to achieve those goals you have in mind, evaluating the progress we’ve made along the way

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To give anything less than your best is to sacrificed the gift

You won't always love the workout but you'll love the result

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How long does a session last, and how many should I do?

Private sessions typically last between 45-60 minutes. It will depend on what we are going to address and your needs. We recommend our 4-session pack as we want to have a comprehensive understanding of you and your starting point as an athlete to accurately plan where we want to go.

What topics are covered in the workshops?

In the workshops, we will address topics such as social comparison, motivation, managing expectations in WODs (Workout of the Day), dealing with stress and frustration, and improving decision-making.

We aim to cover any aspect related to psychology: motivation, attention, expectations… But we are open to hearing from you and addressing any topics that interest you.

How often are they held? What if I can’t attend the workshop at the scheduled time?

We exclusively organize a monthly workshop, structuring the topics in a way that each session flows naturally and uniquely. If you can’t attend a session, don’t worry; we will reserve your spot for the next one.

How many participants are there in the workshop?

Our sessions are exclusive, and we want to attentively listen to the perspectives of the athletes in each session. This is why we conduct our sessions in a limited fashion, with a maximum of 20 slots. Our primary goal is to offer all our athletes the opportunity to enjoy these sessions.

Can I ask questions?

We encourage you to ask questions. We promote discussion, and we all learn from it.

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